Eastern Screech Owl (Same Hollow — Different Owl)

January 14, 2018

A screech owl wakes up just before sunset on a snowy afternoon along the Mississippi River.

Last year, I featured an image of a sleepy screech owl from the same hollow as in the featured image above. In late-autumn, a screech owl was found dead on the highway adjacent to the hollow in Grafton, Illinois. A few weeks after that, this screech owl, which appears to have slightly different coloration, began using the hollow with some frequency. This afternoon, I captured this image right at sunset after making a few failed attempts at photographing the little fella with its eyes open at sunrise. I took a chance at finding it awake at the other end of the day and I lucked out. My friend Brenda accompanied me on the trip this afternoon and we enjoyed watching the screech owl craning its neck to track eagles as they flew high above the nest tree. When we departed after sunset, the beautiful screech owl was sound asleep again. Who knows when it finally leaves to go hunting every night. I was too hungry to wait and see.

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