A Nature Frames Short (Notes from my morning walk at Shaw Nature Reserve)

June 20, 2017

A whitetail fawn watches with curiosity from the tallgrass prairie as I walked the trail to the wetland this morning.

This morning, I took a sunrise walk to the wetland and back at Shaw Nature Reserve. Although the round trip was only 1.5 miles, I saw a variety of critters and even photographed a few. In this “Nature Frames Short” I’ll share some of those images.

An indigo bunting looks almost turquoise in the direct morning sun.

A red-winged blackbird shows off its namesake colors while foraging for insects on a lily pad.

A wood duck and her young hide in plain sight among the lily pads.

An eastern kingbird stands regal on a lone, burnt twig on the tallgrass prairie.

An eastern kingbird shows off its beautiful, white tail band.

A wood duck tries to look as scruffy as the wetland, a good camouflage technique.

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