Winter Coyotes (2020-21)

A pair of coyotes we saw almost every day this winter.

I might just be getting older but this past winter seemed a little rougher than normal, especially during the polar vortex. Fortunately, Joyce and I were frequently entertained by a pair of coyotes during some of those cold, rainy days. The two coyotes seemed inseparable, often appearing together as in the featured image. The male is to the rear with the white muzzle and the female in front. I determined which was which in the most simple way, by watching them pee.

Both coyotes were in excellent condition with thick winter coats and bushy tails. The male’s tail was quite short as compared to most coyotes I’ve photographed.

The male coyote with his short tail and whitish face.

The female, which I’ve been photographing for several years now, is one of the most beautiful animals I’ve ever had the honor to document. Sometimes I catch myself calling her “Pretty Girl” even though I try not to attach names to the critters I observe. I have to admit, it is easier to communicate with others what is going on if you assign names to animals that make repeated visits.

A close look at the beautiful female.


On most days, the pair was hunting voles in the fields around our house. Sometimes I photographed them from a blind and sometimes from strategic locations near the house. We learned not to be discouraged when they disappeared because they would often double back and make a second or third appearance.

Pouncing on a vole!

As winter retreats, we will probably see the coyotes less as mama prepares to raise her pups. Typically, coyotes are monogamous and the male assists with the duties of raising the young ones, mostly by bringing food to mama and pups.

As I write this we have had a string of warm and sunny days, a taste of spring to come. Spring is my favorite time of year to photograph so I look forward to finding some compelling and unique images to share as the vernal blanket unfolds all around us.

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