About Danny

Danny Brown, a lifelong Missourian from the Ozark Highlands, is a freelance wildlife photographer specializing in Missouri critters. Danny can be found traipsing through woods and prairies or plying Ozark streams and big rivers, looking for natural moments to capture with his digital camera.

Danny’s photos have been featured on the covers of Birdwatching, Missouri Conservationist, Outdoor Illinois, Big River Magazine, and the Missouri Natural Events Calendar. Other publications include Colorado Outdoors, Kansas Outdoors, National Wildlife, and St. Louis Magazine. Danny’s bird images have been published in National Geographic’s Backyard Guide to Birds of North America and National Geographic’s Pocket Guide to Birds of North America.

Danny can be contacted by email at:  natureframes@rocketmail.com

4 comments on “About Danny”

  1. Absolutely wonderful photography! Thank you for sharing with us out here. I am writing to you from Loveland Colorado. Link sent to your site from a cousin in St. Louis.

    • Hi Mary Ann — Thank you for your nice comment and be sure to check out the Annual Photo Edition of Colorado Outdoors as I usually have several photos in the magazine each year. It comes out in December. Take care.


  2. Danny, your landscape images reveal the Ozarks in a much different sense than I’ve encountered elsewhere. (In relocating scenes in two of my upcoming novels to the Arkansas side of the highlands, I did a lot of online research to confirm the similarities to the original locale.) You capture a sense of mystery and softness that make it more real to me. Kudos and continued good shooting!

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