Mid-Summer Report (2021)

An immature red-shouldered hawk navigates through the treetops.

It’s almost August so I’m checking in with a few summer pics. In the featured image, I caught this young red-shouldered hawk sweeping through a dewy locust one morning about a week ago. He went down into our north field for a kill but came up short. I suspect he was hunting voles. The species is known for taking snakes, frogs, salamanders and the like but I often see them hunting voles away from water as well.

Dropping in to the field to make breakfast out of a vole.

A final look at the red-shouldered hawk as it flies away, dejected.

In other news, I finally got a look at the bobcat I recently captured on my game cam (see last edition). Although I spent several mornings down at my pond in wait for the handsome critter to reveal itself, it was to no avail. Then one morning I was standing on my deck around 9:30 AM, hoping to photograph a restored B-29 that had been flying over our house, when I sensed a presence over my right shoulder in the opposite direction. I looked down to see the bobcat directly beneath me in our yard staring straight up at me. As I hastily swung my camera around on the tripod, the bobcat headed into our north field but stopped for a moment in a patch of goldenrod and looked back. The resulting image wasn’t much but I was glad to get something!

A bobcat looks back before disappearing into the woods.

A desperate butt shot as the bobcat disappeared into the woods.

I’ll continue to watch for the bobcat as it seems to be hanging around, at least for now. Bobcats have a huge range so I was really surprised to see it at all after I first observed it on my game cam.

Below are a few more summer images from recent weeks.

A goldfinch sitting pretty on a coneflower.

A young blue jay getting closer than usual to the photographer. Blue jays are usually very skittish.

A hummingbird visiting a royal catchfly.

A very young raccoon.

A chipmunk with a cheek full of scratch.

It seems like there is something interesting to photograph around the farm every morning if I drag myself out of bed and look around. I’ll see you next time, maybe with a nice image of that bobcat!

Happy Naturing,


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10 comments on “Mid-Summer Report (2021)”

  1. Love these pictures!  Keep them coming.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy A10e, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  2. Absolutely wonderful. I think the bobcat looking back perfectly illustrates their elusivness.

  3. Enjoyed the post very much. You make me (almost) want to come to the US!

  4. I always look forward to your images and stories. So glad you share.

  5. Your photographs always make me smile. They are beautiful. Thanks

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