Storms, Baby Raccoons…..and a Bobcat

A baby raccoon finds a comfortable place to rest in a sycamore tree.

We’ve had some powerful storms here at the farm over the last week which might explain why I found two young raccoons running about on their own. Although both were approaching their “teens,” neither seemed developed enough to fend for themselves.

Joyce found the first one out in our front yard, feeding on sunflower seeds under the bird feeder. Later it climbed a sycamore to a fork at eye-level and eventually went to sleep with its chin resting in the tree as seen in the featured image. It was late-afternoon so I put a handful of sunflower seeds at the base of the tree and returned later to find both the baby raccoon and the seeds missing. It’s been about a week and I haven’t seen the little guy since. I suspect that strayed youngsters often reconnect with their parents after nightfall.

The second baby raccoon was a little more problematic. I ran into it at my pond this morning walking along the dam. I’ve been going to the pond before daylight every morning since I discovered a mature male bobcat on my game camera. As I was leaving this morning, after another unproductive three-hour wait for the bobcat, I met the little raccoon in the image below coming the other way.

A young raccoon, ears down and obviously under the weather.

I could tell the little guy wasn’t feeling well because its ears were down. It wasn’t emaciated but I suspected it might be hungry as we sat and stared at each other for several minutes. I called Joyce and asked if she would bring some food down for a hungry little raccoon and of course she was delighted to help. When she arrived a few minutes later with some cat food, I threw two handfuls down to the raccoon which was down the hill in the woods by then but still hanging around. Not only did the little fella begin chowing down on the cat food but it also perked up its ears as it picked up every morsel.

I’ll be back at the pond every morning for the foreseeable future, in hopes of getting an image of the beautiful bobcat from my game cam, so I’ll check on the young raccoon and bring it more food. I’m hoping that it will reunite with its mama tonight as I see mature raccoons on the game cam almost every night. Hopefully it won’t run into a mean uncle.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out when I talk to you next time. Until then, below is the game cam image of the impressive bobcat I’m watching for. If I get an image, it will only be the second time I’ve photographed one of these elusive critters.

Happy Naturing,


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