Spring Favorites (2021)

A male eastern collared lizard in breeding colors in St. Francois County.

It’s a hundred degrees in the shade today, a perfect time to catch up here with some spring favorites including the featured image from a trip last weekend to the St. Francois Mountains of Missouri. Bill and I, along with my friend Craig Gemming had an excellent day searching for lizards and snakes on a warm Saturday morning. My day started with a fall down a rocky hillside, scratching and grabbing for purchase all the way down until I finally stopped at the bottom in a creek. I came out with some nasty scratches and scrapes, a swollen knee, and a superficial avulsion but I looked pretty good compared to the 300 mm lens on my camera. The rest of the morning went great, as you can see from the featured image and I was happy that my camera gear still worked in spite of some superficial damage.

A closer look at the colorful male.

A female collared lizard demonstrating that it is best to photograph from afar, and definitely don’t try to catch one!

A gorgeous, olive green, racerunner.

I’ve been spending a lot of mornings at the pond where I’m starting to see some nice summer whitetails in velvet. So far I haven’t had much problem with mosquitoes or ticks at the pond so I’ve been thankful for that.

A six-point buck in velvet looks across the pond toward my hide.

Mama whitetail, heavy with fawns, down by the pond with her yearling.

A green heron with breakfast, a developing frog.

On some mornings, I stay back at the house and photograph goldfinches in the prairie forbs in our front yard. Right now they are gorging on tickseed coreopsis but they often perch on coneflowers. Soon they will be going after coneflower seeds with the same enthusiasm as they now have for the coreopsis seeds.

Female goldfinch on a coneflower.

The following images are uncharacteristically cluttered for my work but I thought you might enjoy some of the scenes from our front yard, a hot mess of flowers and finches.

A yard like this might not be legal in the city.


Sometimes indigo buntings drop in to join in on the gorgy.

The last shot of the morning before the light gets too harsh.

I hope you enjoyed some of these late-spring samples. I’ll keep you posted as summer unfolds. Looks like it’s going to be a warm one.

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

8 comments on “Spring Favorites (2021)”

  1. What beautiful images! Sorry about the damage to both you and your camera.

  2. Great pictures Danny!  Keep them comingSent via the Samsung Galaxy A10e, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  3. Lovely photos this time (as always) Danny. I kinda like the cluttered ones, which is a lot of how I see the world every day.
    I was on a rocky slope yesterday, on which one other much younger person I was with lost footing, but I fortunately did not. You take care out there. The world still needs you and your work.

  4. I LOVE that goldfinch on top of the coneflower! I paint cards for seniors and I might do a version of that for one of their cards, if that’s OK with you.

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