Scenes from a Wetland in Spring

A mated pair of Black-necked stilts at B.K. Leach Conservation Area.

I made a couple more visits to B.K. Leach Conservation Area since the last edition so I’m sharing some of my favorite scenes here. Enjoy!

A female Wilson’s phalarope. I enjoy watching phalaropes as they swim in circles to create a whirlpool that brings tiny invertebrates to the surface. It’s quite a show to see seven or eight of them hunting in this manner.

A couple more phalaropes.

A yellowlegs snags a crayfish from the bottom of the pool. If you watch yellowlegs long enough you will notice how many crayfish they catch and eat, a real staple at B.K. Leach.

A northern shoveler takes off at sunrise. I’m still seeing blue-winged teal and shovelers during my visits.

A blue-winged teal preening after breakfast.

A yellowlegs takes a break from morning feeding.

More shovelers.

The spring warbler season is finally picking up so I’ll be taking a break from shorebirds, waders, and waterfowl to focus on these tiny, colorful gems of the parks, forests and prairies. I hope to get some unique images this spring but when it comes to warblers I’ll take whatever I can get.

See you next time.

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

2 comments on “Scenes from a Wetland in Spring”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures.

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