Barred Owl Surprise!

A barred owl drops in at sunrise this morning.

I started the morning in a new hide at the farm where Joyce and I cleared some photo-shooting lanes yesterday. I was hoping for whitetails and coyotes but I was surprised by the appearance of a barred owl right around sunrise. It came in so low and fast, right toward me as I sat in my turkey chair, I flinched in reflex to the possibility of a collision. But at the last moment, the huge owl pulled up and landed on a branch just 20 feet in front of me, about six feet off the ground. Wow!

The barred owl was so close, I didn’t dare move or even blink an eye for that matter because it was looking directly toward me, trying to figure out what I was. Finally, it turned its head in the opposite direction and I swung the lens toward its location. When the owl came into focus it was looking right at me again with its intense black eyes. As I clicked the shutter, it jerked its head from side to side, trying again to figure out what was what. The shutter click must have sounded like a firecracker to the barred owl in such close proximity.

The barred owl gave me a close look when it heard the shutter.

My encounter with the beautiful owl lasted about 45 seconds, long enough for several images from which I could choose a few keepers. I’m sharing my two favorites in this edition, both almost full frame from my 500/4 lens.

I still can’t believe the owl dropped in so close and low to the ground. As a bonus, it eyed me from a nearly perfect opening in the brush around its autumn perch.

I’ve been having some computer problems lately and finally had to upgrade to a new system. The process has left me exhausted as I’ve gone back and forth from an amazing new CPU and monitor to panic moments of nothing working, including the connectivity necessary to share my adventures. I think I’m closing in on a functional system after about two weeks of transition pains. Thank goodness for the likes of critters such as this one each morning to take my mind off of pesky matters of technology.

Happy Naturing!


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

8 comments on “Barred Owl Surprise!”

  1. Beautiful images, Danny! What a cool and lucky experience!

  2. Superb! Sorry for your transition troubles, but the creatures seem to sympathize and give you extra benefit! Deepa.

  3. So cool. Glad it stayed still long enough for you to get these, especially that one where he’s looking right at you. He knew you were there and he still waited. I am thinking about getting a blind…for our back yard where there are plenty of birds and I bet more things than I realize.

    • I think you will have great fun with a blind and this is the perfect time of year because it’s now so hot. I recommend a cheap one at no more than 40 – 50 bucks. That’s all I ever use. I like the tall, triangle shaped ones with plenty of room to stand.

  4. Danny, a great story as always to make the photos even more interesting. Thanks.

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