Solidago Sunrise (Robertsville State Park)

A splash of ironweed adds contrast to a goldenrod meadow at Robertsville State Park.

I left early this morning to photograph a beautiful goldenrod meadow at Robertsville State Park (Franklin County), which is only six miles from my house. I know — lucky me! I wanted to get the goldenrod in golden light so I had to give myself plenty of time to walk to the field from the nearest parking lot which is about a half-mile away from the site. I would typically consider such an early morning stroll to be delightful but this morning I would be wearing a pair of chest waders, not the best attire for a summer walk. I knew the chest waders would be necessary in the field of neck-high vegetation, drenched in morning dew and fog from the Meramec River. I also expected plenty of briars as an added attraction, and no shortage of beggar’s-lice.

When I entered the meadow in the soft morning light, the going was as tough as I had expected. Yep, it was a five-alarm thicket! The chest waders, as cumbersome as they were, had been a good call. Soon I was setting my tripod and pointing my 17-40 f/4 lens in different directions. I was a little overwhelmed at first, surrounded by a sea of golden flowers, but I soon determined that the view to the north was best due to the fog on the horizon from the Meramec.

Although my original intention was to capture the sublime canvas of gold, such as that featured in typical sunflower field images, I immediately found myself trudging through the underlayer of blackberry briars, searching for contrasting splashes of color such as the purple ironweed plant in the featured image.

A more interesting web to see in the morning than the one on my iPhone.

In the thick of a goldenrod thicket.

After an hour of shooting I was sweating in the damp morning air and covered with stick-tights but I was oh-so-happy to have spent the morning as I had. On my way out I ran across a patch of asters and made a final frame of the golden meadow.

A final frame of the beautiful meadow before I started back.

When I finally made it back to the 4Runner and stripped off my chest waders I was none the worse for wear from excursion through the thicket. After about thirty minutes of scraping stick-tights from my waders, shirt, and camera bag I was ready to head home to take a look at the shiny, golden images on my CF card.

Happy Naturing,


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5 comments on “Solidago Sunrise (Robertsville State Park)”

  1. A beautiful reward for your efforts.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful images.

  3. Yes, that splash of ironweed (not aster?) makes for a classic. Bravo!

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