More Summer Images (2020)

A juvenile wood duck at the pond this morning.

It’s almost September so I’m sharing a few mid- to late-summer images from around the farm. I made the featured image of a juvenile wood duck at the pond this morning while I was waiting for summer bucks in velvet to pass through. The little woodie landed right in front of me but I didn’t snap the shutter for a good thirty minutes, hoping for better light. Often the sound of a shutter release is all it takes to scare a duck off the water so it’s best to wait for a really good image. In this case, I waited so long it brought to mind Sean Penn’s character, the wildlife photographer, in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I felt like Ben Stiller was looking over my shoulder asking me when I was going to take a picture. Well, the light finally came around, reflecting off the willows onto the surface of the pond and I made a few nice ones.

A juvenile wood duck rests near some cover at the pond this morning.

Nothing goes better together than a monarch and a butterfly weed.

Ashy Sunflower starting to bloom on our tallgrass meadow.

A four-spotted owlfly shows off on a stem of Indian grass.

A summer storm brewing across the valley over St. Mary’s Church.

Sunrise yesterday morning over St. Mary’s Church.

A game cam pic of some summer bucks at sunrise.

A final pic of the little wood duck that visited my pond this morning.

I must have been hidden well this morning as the wood duck wouldn’t leave. I finally had to leave myself so I had to flush the little duck off the water.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. It’s been a cool August so maybe September will be the same.

Happy Naturing,


Correction:  The sunflower (fourth image above) that I listed as rosinweed is actually ashy sunflower. Thanks for catching that and pointing it out, Quinn Long. It takes a village!

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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

2 comments on “More Summer Images (2020)”

  1. Beautiful photography as usual! Thanks for sharing these shots.

  2. Enjoyed the images very much!

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