Final Bluebird Report (Things are Looking Great)

A juvenile bluebird begins to hunt on its own.

All four of the fledgling bluebirds are doing great and a few of them are now hunting on their own although they still beg for food from mama.

A beautiful juvenile bluebird.

As you can see from these images the young bluebirds are already looking beautiful. Mama bird is looking a bit ragged as she has been caring for the four little ones on her own for several weeks. The new male still hangs around but the female never gives him a glance. I’m so happy I took the box down the day after fledging. I really think it helped to save this brood.

Thanks for all of your comments and inquiries about the semi-orphaned bluebirds.

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

4 comments on “Final Bluebird Report (Things are Looking Great)”

  1. What do you mean, “final report”? I am sure they will be back and you will have yet another memorable image of all of them being welcome guests at your deck!

  2. Great report Danny! Here’s a recent wildlife pic for you, two wild ones actually 

    Sent from Kevin’s MUSKIE Galaxy

  3. The young ones are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful birds! I am glad you saved the brood.

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