More Spring Critters (2020)

Mama groundhog (woodchuck) with three of her five pups.

Thanks for all of the emails, texts, and comments regarding the last issue, a springtime photoessay. The response was so nice, I’m continuing where I left off with some new spring images. My favorite image since I talked to you last time is the featured image of a mama groundhog with her babies. I love the little ones with their chubby tummies and little claws. Apparently all four were looking at the same thing when I made this image.

An American toad on a rock bed of lichens and moss shows off its reds and golds. I was impressed with its shoulder pads and eyebrows.

A gray catbird in a red buckeye. I’ve seen more than my fair share of catbirds this spring.

A male common yellowthroat, extra close.

A female common yellowthroat on a locust thorn.

A nice view of the perfectly stacked wingtips of a least flycatcher. Such a tiny little bird.

The red eyes and rufous sides of an eastern towhee, the “Drink Your Tea” bird, formally known as the rufous-sided towhee, a much cooler name.

Every morning is a new adventure in spring photography. I never know what I’ll find but I often find something worth sharing. Thanks again for all of your feedback.

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

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