Nature’s Balm in Rough Times

A pair of robins tend their nest at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.

Every morning when I step out the door with my first cup of coffee I hear the cardinals singing from the tops of the highest trees on the farm. You see, the cardinals, robins, and bluebirds are oblivious to the human condition, to our anxiety, fear and sorrow. They have plenty of work to do on their own as they try to survive, not only as individuals but as species. But what the birds do not know is that their daily routines, which include songs and sights sublime, are the balm that we humans need each day to soothe our wounds. It’s as if the cardinals are singing, just as Bob Marley said many years ago in his song, Three Little Birds:  Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright. I believe in what the birds are singing because if you can’t trust a bird, who can you trust?

Stay safe my friends,


America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

6 comments on “Nature’s Balm in Rough Times”

  1. Thank you! I say that with tears in my eyes because your message was so poignant.

  2. That might be the coolest robin picture I have ever seen!! Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Much love to you, kindred spirit.

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