Coyote Hunting Voles in Snow

A coyote angles its ears toward the snow in search of voles on a winter morning at the farm.

I’ve been watching this coyote hunt in one of our fields lately so I was waiting for it this morning with high hopes of capturing some snowy images. Such a plan rarely works but once in a while a critter decides to cooperate. In the featured image you can see that the coyote has been nosing the snow in search of voles. Note how its ears are pointed downward as it listens for another breakfast snack. I’ve seen this coyote eat six voles in a row after digging up a colony of the little critters.


Another look at the coyote’s snow-covered face.

A candid look at the coyote as it surveys its hunting ground.

A nice portrait of the beautiful coyote.

What a wonderful morning it was to see one of Missouri’s predators at work in the snowy fields. How could I ever think of a better way to start the day?

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.



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