Winter Gobbler and a Word of Thanks

A lonely winter gobbler investigates one of the trails through our stand of Indian grass this morning.

We had a full house at my presentation at the Bryan Haynes Art Gallery a few weeks ago and I think it was the funnest one yet. Bryan and Petra were perfect hosts, as always, and I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new friends as we celebrated our mutual fascination with swans and pelicans. It is so easy to tell stories about my adventures because each and every one of my critter encounters is indelibly impressed in my mind. Thank you so much for coming and I look forward to my next event at the gallery. We don’t have anything on the calendar for now but I’ll let you know when the time comes.

So what’s up next? On Saturday, March 7, I’ll be heading to Leavenworth, Kansas to speak at the second annual Midwest Photography Conference. The conference is an all-day event where I and five other photographers will share images, stories, and photographic tips from the main stage at Leavenworth’s historic Riverfront Community Center. If you are thinking about attending, I recommend a two-day stay because you might be surprised at all of the cultural places in Leavenworth for visitors to enjoy.

Tickets to the conference are available at the above link, as well as at the door. I plan to be there the entire day so I’ll be able to answer wildlife photography questions, visit with attendees, and sit in on some of the other presentations.

Getting back to this morning, the gobbler in the featured image has been visiting our fields a lot lately. We call him Chantix because he walks just like the turkey in the commercial with long, swaying strides. He actually looks a little lonely like the TV turkey, as well. I can’t wait until this spring when he goes into “boss” mode and begins showing his colors and gorgeous fan. I’ve posted a second image below so you can get a good look at his formidable spurs.

Check out the spur on his right leg. I would hate to be the jake that makes the mistake of messing with this guy.

That’s all for now. Again, thanks for making my recent presentation such as success and maybe I’ll see some of you in Kansas.

Happy Naturing,


PS:  If you get a chance to see the January/February issue of Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine, you will find a bunch of my images featured. I’ve been a frequent contributor to their magazine for many years and I’ve always enjoyed working with their staff.

America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

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