Goldfinch Goldmine

A goldfinch adorns a spent coneflower in Virginia’s flowerbed.

Lately, our prairie and native flower gardens have been goldfinch goldmines. The little gems were quite skittish a month ago but now are almost tame as they gorge on native seeds. I made the featured image just this evening.

American goldfinches are among the final summer nesters in Missouri and I rarely see lone birds this time of year. In almost every image, you can be assured the finch’s mate is just out of the frame.

Goldfinches love coreopsis seed.

The classic pose!

Female goldfinch on goat’s beard. Not as striking as the male but still a looker.

I’m looking forward to the rest of summer as our goldfinches begin building their nests, lined with thistle down and later feeding their young what I call “thistle mash.” The connection between goldfinches and thistle plants is one of the wonders of nature I’ve grown to appreciate over the years.

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