Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

A young red-tailed hawk calls from its favorite perch at the farm each morning.

I’ve been watching this juvenile red-tailed hawk for a few weeks as it calls from atop a cedar tree, apparently still begging for food from mama. It appears to be doing well on its own but it sure sounded hungry this morning. I jokingly told Joyce I was thinking about harvesting one of our rabbits from the front yard and throwing it out in the field for the little feller. If you would like to see a video of this loquacious raptor, I posted one on my public Facebook page Here. I’m looking forward to the morning when I’ll see it with a fresh kill so I’ll know for sure that it has achieved complete independence. For all I know, it just might like the sound of its own voice or is a little more lonely than hungry.

A sunrise shot of the beautiful redtail just this morning.

Happy Naturing!


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