Thunderstorms Bring Jewels from the Skies

A magnolia warbler scopes out no-see-ems in a cypress tree in Tower Grove Park.

It’s that time of year again, when colorful gems fall from the skies, especially after thunderstorms. Well, they are actually birds, especially migrating warblers, but some of them aren’t much bigger than a gem that a king or a queen might wear. All of the birds in this edition have one thing in common: they were all photographed today in either Tower Grove Park or Forest Park.

The spring migration of neotropical songbirds is something that I and my fellow bird nerds look forward to every year. But the migration is more than just a spectacle of color and sound. It is integral to the function of the forests that surround us in the cities, suburbs, and countrysides. My friend, Mike Smith, from Washington, Missouri, said it best in a comment on my Facebook posting of these wonderful warblers and other birds.

“So many people are unaware of these beautiful neotropical songbirds that come to breed, nest, or at least stay over temporarily in our Missouri forests every spring. Without this incredible migration our oak hickory forests would be defenseless against the voracious larva of the hundreds of Lepidoptera species (butterfly’s and moths). Likewise, these little worms are the source of protein for their young. First oaks then willows and cottonwoods are the greatest foundation for this food chain. Thanks for the countless hours you put into capturing these amazing photos and sharing them with us Danny Brown.”

Yes folks, as with most everything, there is a balance out there that must be maintained. These things tend to take care of themselves naturally, as long as humans don’t interfere too much.

A closer look at that magnolia warbler.

Even closer!

An American redstart, Joyce’s favorite. (Tower Grove Park)

A black-throated green warbler showing off its namesake color. (Tower Grove Park)

A chestnut-sided warbler with huge eyes. (Tower Grove Park)

A gorgeous cedar waxwing. (Tower Grove Park)

Both a tyrant and a king, the eastern kingbird. (Forest Park)

A Nashville warbler. Not the most attractive of the warblers but what a name! (Forest Park)

A gray catbird at the bubbler in Tower Grove Park.

Believe it or not, this was just a sample of the birds I observed and photographed today. What a joyous time of year. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Happy Naturing,


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