Rim-Lit Blackbird

A red-winged blackbird sends out its love call on a spring day at Horseshoe Lake State Park in Illinois.

Male blackbirds are quite flamboyant this time of year as they display their creamy red epaulets with pride as part of their love call. I caught this rim-lit individual at Horseshoe Lake State Park this morning. I love the way the light edged around its tail feathers. I always stress to photographers to get the sun behind you, unless you are going for something artsy. This is a good example of one of those artistic exceptions.

This morning’s blackbird lifts its epaulets like air brakes on a fighter jet.

I continue to shoot most every day and I share my favorites on my public page, Nature Frames, on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, I encourage you to join, but I’ll continue to bring you images and stories here as well.

Happy Naturing,


Watch for one of my warbler images from Shaw Nature Reserve on the cover of an upcoming issue of Birds and Blooms magazine.

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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.



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