Critters in the City (Snowy Version)

A Canada goose settles in for a winter storm in Wild Acres Park.

A few days ago, I spent a snowy afternoon photographing critters in Forest Park and Wild Acres Park. My friend Brenda Hente joined me after being released early from the school where she teaches in the city. It was great to have a second set of eyes along, especially for urban raptors.

A male great-horned owl shelters in the contour of a pine tree at Wild Acres Park. Its mate is nesting in a nearby hollow.

A cottontail takes cover from the snow in Forest Park.

The menacing stare of a red-tailed hawk agitates a small group of mallards in the creek below. (Forest Park)

A wood duck shows off its suit of colors in the worst of conditions. (Forest Park)

The understated beauty of a goose in a snow storm. (Wild Acres Park)

It is such a joy to wander about during a snowstorm but the pleasure of such an adventure is always countered by the hazards of being on the road. In my younger days I never hesitated to drive across the state, my duck hunting boat in tow, during the worst of winter storms. These days I usually stay close to the farm in such conditions, but I continue to weigh caution against a life well lived.

Happy Naturing!


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2 comments on “Critters in the City (Snowy Version)”

  1. Enjoying the snowy images as my own city hots up for its usual early summer!~

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