St. Louis Parks Hike (Follow-up)

A female northern flicker takes a break from digging in the snow.

Last night I started thinking about the little cottontail eating briar stems in Tower Grove Park. They sure didn’t look very nourishing but there wasn’t much else around over the blanket of heavy snow. I knew I had to be in St. Louis today so I packed an apple to drop off at the bunny’s hideout on the way home. I know, I know, it was just a rabbit, but it wouldn’t take much effort for me to stop and give the little critter a decent meal before the single digit weather hits in a few days.

When I arrived at the park, I found the bunny’s favorite cover shrub, along with some fresh scat. I cut the apple into quarters with my pocketknife and left it there. There is no way of knowing if the young bunny would find its present but I’m optimistic. I suspect they have a pretty good sense of smell.

As promised, I’m sharing a few more pics from my hikes in various parks with Danny Mac yesterday. My favorite of the bunch was the featured image, a northern flicker that was rooting through the snow to the leaves and detritus below in search of whatever morsels caught its fancy. The flicker was so tame that it hopped right over to me several times as if I had something for it. Perhaps it had heard rumors of me feeding apples to rabbits.

A gray squirrel with an acorn in Lafayette Park.

After we left Tower Grove Park, we headed across I-44 to Lafayette Park where we found a good-looking gray squirrel feeding on an acorn with its tail up over its head. It made for a nice image, especially in the evergreen frame. Squirrels rarely disappoint even the most veteran of wildlife photographers.

A cardinal on the prairie at Forest Park.

Later, we took a long hike through Forest Park, all the way from the Visitor’s Center to the skating rink, and saw a variety of birds, especially in the prairie. We enjoyed watching American tree sparrows lighting on the tips of tallgrass stems and riding them down. I finally gave up on getting a good image of them but I got a nice shot of a cardinal feeding in the same area.

The cardinals were glowing nicely under cloudy skies.

I captured a second cardinal image just as it was checking the sky for potential hazards. Cardinals are a Missouri treasure and they are always fun to photograph.

I made many more images throughout the day, including a kestrel high in a tree, but these were my favorites. It is the rare day when I hike through any St. Louis park and come home empty handed. I’m fortunate to be within an hour of these photographic goldmines.

Happy Naturing!


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