A Snowy Weekend at the Farm

A blue jay enjoys a drink from our heated birdbath after a 10-inch snow.

Although I’ve been chomping at the bit to head out and explore beyond the farm since the 10″ snow on Friday night, I’ve stayed home to avoid becoming part of the problem that the Missouri Highway Patrol and other first responders have been dealing with. No worries though; there is never a shortage of photo opportunities in your own backyard.

The snowfall concentrated birds in our cedar trees and at the feeders. The hawks followed, looking for easy pluckings!

As always, bluebirds were in abundance at the birdbath.

These guys! They always show up after a storm.

A cardinal responding to the click of the shutter.

A blue jay getting ready to drop down for some cracked corn.

The rare image of a junco in a tree.

Our gift from premier birdhouse/bird-feeder builder, Bruce Templer, has been a hit with the birds and on social media. Thank you Bruce.

The snow is melting fast, a Missouri tradition, even as more falls today. I’m already hearing talk of more snow this weekend. I’m up for it!

Happy Naturing,


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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.

8 comments on “A Snowy Weekend at the Farm”

  1. Thank you for posting this. The photos of the birds are gorgeous!

  2. I love your birds! I’ve only had bluebirds at my winter birdbath once, and was so lucky to see them. And your cardinal is stunning! AND I agree that I have rarely seen a junco in a tree, other than when I startled it from the ground under the feeder and it flew up into a tree to get away from me. Mostly we have them on the ground. I usually “accidentally” spill some seed when I’m filling the feeder just so they have some.

  3. Enjoyed this snowy post very much!

  4. Lovely picture

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