Sharp-shinned Hawk (Blue Springs Creek Conservation Area — Crawford County)

A sharp-shinned hawk gives me a brief glance before taking flight. The reddish eyes of the sharp-shinned and Cooper’s hawks are such a treat to behold.

Hey, I’m still alive in case you were wondering. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but it hasn’t been for the lack of trying to capture new images. I’ve been out virtually every morning since you last heard from me but it has been slim pickings. Lately, I’ve been sitting in one of my hides along Blue Springs Creek in Crawford County, waiting for anything that might come my way but mostly thinking of mink and otters.

After three mornings of nothing, I was starting to get a complex! This morning my luck changed a bit when this mature adult sharpie, a male I think, swooped in and landed right across the creek from me. It was looking away and wouldn’t turn its head so I finally attempted a few mouse squeaks until it glanced over its shoulder, probably in annoyance more than anything, for a second or two. I was happy to catch the featured image at that moment. A second later, it disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. I don’t think it ever saw me as I was well camouflaged. A nice ending to the morning, and actually the week if you consider the poor luck I’ve had.

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