For the Love of Birds!

An osprey swoops over the Meramec River at sunrise this morning.

Just a note to let you know that there are still a few tickets available for my presentation, “Birds and the Nerds Who Adore Them,” so if you are on the fence, like an eastern meadowlark in spring, you still have time to pull the trigger. I’ve been photographing birds most every day since my last post, including this beautiful osprey at sunrise this morning on the Meramec River. I’ve learned from experience that fall is the best time to view ospreys along any section of the Meramec.

Fall color is already revealing itself along the Meramec River corridor.

I can’t believe I’m already seeing beautiful, if not a bit subtle, fall colors along the riparian corridors of Missouri streams. Autumn is such a wonderful time to be outside, especially in the morning. I’ll continue to search for gems such as these all the way up to the day of my talk on October 13 so old friends might see some fresh bird images.

On another note, I’m looking forward to sharing some new whitetail images with you very soon. Some of them are just wonderful, but I’m not ready to publish them because I’m still actively shooting that project. I promise you will love them though!

Thanks for looking,


Get your tickets for my October 13 presentation right here:  Birds and the Nerds Who Adore Them

Email:  Natureframes@Rocketmail.Com


America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.


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