Summer 2018 Update

A Henslow’s sparrow on the prairie at Shaw Nature Reserve (Franklin County).

I suspect some of you are wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been out with my camera almost every morning since I returned from Colorado, but I just haven’t been making any images worth writing about. I’ve been spending most of my time down in Crawford County searching for otters. I have a great spot where I sit in the water in my turkey chair and watch the morning go by in a cool, tick-free environment. I’ve been to the site at least 10 times without any luck but it is just so darn pleasant that I keep going back! Sooner or later I’ll hit the jackpot.

On another note, the response to my two presentations at the Bryan Haynes Gallery in Washington, Missouri, was so enthusiastic that we are working on a fall date for another event. The title of the presentation will be “Birds and the Nerds who Adore Them.” I’m looking forward to sharing my favorite bird images and sprinkling in a few stories about some of the bird nerds I’ve met over the years. So, hey all you bird nerds, you don’t want to miss this one in case one of my stories just happens to be about you! I know some of you missed the first two events so this will be your final chance, at least for 2018. I will let all of you know as soon as we set the date for the presentation and make tickets available for this celebration of Missouri birds. The key will be to act fast as the tickets for the last one sold out in less than an hour.

If you get a chance this month, check out the back cover of “Birds and Blooms” magazine (see below) where you will see a goldfinch on a sunflower from my mother-in-law Virginia’s backyard. The magazine has now published images on both covers that I photographed in her yard so I think that we can all say that she is a bona fide bird nerd!

An American goldfinch plucking seeds from a sunflower.

By the way, the featured image of this edition was taken a few years ago on the prairie at Shaw Nature Reserve. We often have Henslow’s sparrows on our own prairie right here at the farm but I really loved this image from SNR.

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America is beautiful. I vote to keep it that way.



6 comments on “Summer 2018 Update”

  1. Danny,
    One word for the Henslow’s sparrow picture. WOW!!!!

    • Thanks Craig. They are a favorite of mine. I enjoy how much drama they unfold for such a lame little two-syllable call.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this. Sometimes we don’t always hit the target, but what we get is a great experience in the beautiful outdoors.

  3. Another beautiful image…thank you. “Haven’t made any images worth….”…your standards are rather high! Sometimes I like the images for the stories they tell, rather than the technical perfection

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