Notes from the Last Week of May (2018)

May 31, 2018

A red-winged blackbird shows off its brilliant red epaulet as it begins calling in Forest Park.

First, I want to thank those of you who purchased tickets for my upcoming presentation and reception at the Bryan Haynes Gallery. I was humbled to hear that the event sold out almost immediately. Due to the response, Bryan and I are conferring on a second date for those of you who were not able to snag a ticket in time. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve been photographing every morning during this last week of May so in this edition I’ll share some of my favorites from three locations:  Forest Park, Shaw Nature Reserve, and Blue Springs Creek Conservation Area. The featured image might be my favorite blackbird image to date, taken at Forest Park near sunrise a few mornings ago. It had just stopped raining when I set out across the park looking for birds and wildlife.

An American goldfinch looks me in the eye from the Whitmire Wildflower Garden at Shaw Nature Reserve in Franklin County.

Another look at one of the gorgeous goldfinches at Shaw Nature Reserve.

A black-crowned night-heron catches a sunfish at Forest Park. I love watching them lure fish by rattling their bill in the water. You can see a video on my public page on Facebook here:  Black-crowned Night-heron Video

The elegance of a snowy egret in Forest Park.

Another image of a black-crowned night-heron. They are the most intrepid of the waterbirds I have photographed.

A northern cricket frog calling from a lily pad at Shaw Nature Reserve.

An extreme close-up of a brave little common yellowthroat at Shaw Nature Reserve.

A ruby-throated hummingbird finishes up a nest over Blue Springs Creek in Crawford County.

A pair of wood ducks swim right past my feet at the edge of Blue Springs Creek in Crawford County. I was well camouflaged!

I’m looking forward to another great month of shooting as June begins tomorrow. You never know what surprises the summer will bring. I can’t wait!

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6 comments on “Notes from the Last Week of May (2018)”

  1. Glorious sharp image of the Red-winged! They are so tricky to photograph. Love his flared throat. Wonderful. Now, yes. We’d like a second event, since we did not get tickets. 😦 Keep us in the loop and have a grand affair and ecstatic celebration of the way the magic of the wild brings us all together. Those of us choosing to put our attention on the wonders still surviving human destruction of the planet are so fortunate to have made those choices. Rejoice! You are one, and you are inspiring so many others!

  2. Love your birds! Especially the hummingbird. I’ve never seen a nest in the wild. A friend and I were out at my nature park this week. Storm blowing in. Saw virtually nothing. Where usually they’re fluttering all around my head, even landing on me looking for a treat not one bird landed and we only saw a few. Guess they weren’t hungry.

  3. Enjoyed all the images, thank you for sharing!

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