Magic at the Wildflower Garden (Shaw Nature Reserve)

May 17, 2018

A common yellowthroat shows of its halo of spiderwort flowers on the prairie at Shaw Nature Reserve this morning.

The Whitmire Wildflower Garden and surrounding prairie at Shaw Nature Reserve are on fire right now with birds and blooms. I captured this image of a common yellowthroat this morning as it perched on its flowery throne of spiderwort. If you have never visited this wildflower garden, which features over 800 native plant species, you have missed an experience in horticulture heaven. As I walked through the five-acre garden this morning, I felt like a character in “Wizard of Oz,” without the yellow brick path, of course. We can all thank Scott Woodbury, staff horticulturalist, and his crew, including dedicated volunteers, who never rest on their laurels (vegetative pun intended) when it comes to keeping the garden fresh and colorful. I have never seen it looking better than it does right now!

A male common yellowthroat sings its heart out on a spiderwort plant at Shaw Nature Reserve.

I must be the luckiest guy in the world to be able to get in my car and drive five miles to Shaw Nature Reserve, where I can hike its prairies, forests, wetlands, river bottoms, glades, and wildflower gardens. As I say every year, it is my Walden, and I never take it for granted.

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4 comments on “Magic at the Wildflower Garden (Shaw Nature Reserve)”

  1. Beautiful photography!

  2. Danny B. Audubon… Seriously. =)

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