Images from the Farm and Forest Park

May 14, 2018

A snowy egret puffs up for the camera at Forest Park this morning.

I’m sharing a few of the images I’ve made at the farm over the last several days, plus a couple more from Forest Park this morning. I share images almost every day on my public page on Facebook, here, but I know many of you don’t get a chance to see them. I made the featured image this morning during a sunrise walk through Forest Park. I often watch herons and egrets for a long time, waiting for them to puff their feathers up as this one has done.

An immature, black-crowned night-heron at Forest Park.

I’ve photographed black-crowned night-herons for over a decade at Forest Park but I’ve never seen an immature one until this morning. I actually saw three of them!

A bluebird feeds its young in a den at our pond.

We are so accustomed to watching bluebirds nest in the boxes we provide, it is a treat to see them nesting in a natural cavity. I found this den at the edge of our pond yesterday morning and came back to photograph it at sunset when the light was coming from a better angle.

Papa bluebird getting ready to find more food for the nestlings.

It was fun to watch papa bluebird as he always entered the lower hole and exited the upper hole. I rarely saw mama feeding the babies. I guess she was off for Mother’s Day.

Our resident summer tanager that serenades us morning and evening.

A blue grosbeak in Virginia’s back yard. Virginia (Joyce’s mom) lives just down the hill from us but gets many more birds than we do.

A northern cardinal in Virginia’s walnut tree.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep an eye on the bluebirds. Maybe I’ll get a shot of the babies when they get a little bigger.

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6 comments on “Images from the Farm and Forest Park”

  1. Beautiful Shoots Danny. Thank’s for sharing.

    Art T.

  2. Lovely images! Makes me quite homesick for Missouri.

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