Whitetails at Shaw Nature Reserve (Nature Note)

August 5, 2017

A summer whitetail at Shaw Nature Reserve this morning in the dark and lovely woods.

I decided to head over to Shaw Nature Reserve this morning to look for summer whitetails in velvet. I hiked in to a favorite spot in the woods, tucked my pants into my socks to ward off chiggers, and set my turkey chair up in front of a tree trunk. It was chilly, even with a polar fleece jacket, so it wasn’t long before I was fighting off sleep as I waited for enough light to shoot. I must have lost the battle because I was awakened by a noisy catbird at some point and when I came to my senses, I realized that three whitetail bucks were standing right in front of me. The light was still very low but I managed to get some images at ISO 800 with an excruciatingly slow shutter speed. The largest of the three bucks stayed in back the whole time until they all disappeared, but then to my surprise and good luck, the big one came back for a solo shot (featured image above). It was so close I couldn’t get the entire beast in the frame with my 500/4 lens.

A closer look at the most mature of three whitetail bucks at Shaw Nature Reserve this morning.

This is what I saw when the catbird woke me up.

I think I made a good call to visit SNR this morning. Only five miles from my house, as the crow flies, this gorgeous area along the Meramec River is my Walden.

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5 comments on “Whitetails at Shaw Nature Reserve (Nature Note)”

  1. Love your pictures. These are great.

  2. I always enjoy your images and story’s Thanks again.

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