Acadia National Park (A Cadillac Ending)

May 24, 2017

The first light of morning in North America falls on Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park, Maine.

We spent our final morning at Acadia at the most famous place in the park — Cadillac Mountain. Sunrise was at 5:04 A.M. so our day began at 3:30 A.M. to allow enough time to drive to the mountain and make it to a perfect spot I had scouted the previous afternoon. One should expect over 100 people at the top of Cadillac Mountain before sunrise on any morning of the year and our morning was no exception. Fortunately, there is enough room for everybody without any crowding at a specific location.

By 4:45 A.M., we were settled in at our spot under cool, windy conditions. Below us and to the right sat a group of slaphappy teenagers goofing on each other and checking their smart phones. I was impressed when they almost instantly became solemn and appreciative when the harbor below us began to glow. Their youthful respect for nature was encouraging indeed.

I felt my own warm glow, knowing that I was among a small group of people to experience some of the first rays of morning light on North America. I say “some” because Cadillac Mountain isn’t always the site of the “first sunrise” depending on the time of year. I suspect that Mars Hill, 150 miles northeast of our location, was receiving the official first light of the spring morning. Either way, we found our Cadillac Mountain sunrise to be a moving experience, as expected.

As the sun broke the horizon, there was a minute or two when it produced a beautiful refection on the harbor below. Although I made many images before and after that moment, I knew I had captured my best image of the morning during that brief period. Later, as I packed my gear, I was happy to have saved the Cadillac Mountain sunrise for the end of our visit. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Acadia National Park.

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6 comments on “Acadia National Park (A Cadillac Ending)”

  1. I enjoyed seeing your coastal photos of Arcadia as well as reading your interesting blog comments. Off season sounds like the way to go in planning a visit.

  2. Thank you for a beautiful image as I wach my own sunrise here!

  3. I enjoyed your write-up and picture from the summit of Cadillac Mountain. (You may recall our brief meeting in Tower Grove Park a few weeks ago.). That view of the Porcupines and the Atlantic beyond is etched in my mind from childhood ( though never at sunrise). Beautiful! Thanks for putting it out there. Liz Wild

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    • Hi Liz — I definitely remember you and I thought about you during our visit. So good to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying Missouri.

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