Acadia National Park (Schooner Head)

May 23, 2017

Schnooner Head on a cold, rainy afternoon at Acadia National Park.

Our first full day at Acadia National Park was wet and cold. My research before the trip had indicated that a great place to photograph on stormy days was a shoreline called Schooner Head. After a quick check of the map, we were off to a new adventure, Schooner style. When we arrived at the site’s parking lot, we were met by a handsome gull, perched on the granite wall of the overlook. I couldn’t resist a quick pic of the stately critter when it didn’t move an inch as we approached its location near the trailhead down to the beach.

An intrepid herring gull greets all visitors at Schooner Head Overlook.

The walk down to Schooner Head from the overlook was easy, but once we were on the rocks we had to be extremely careful due to areas that had become slick due to seaweed. The guidebook I was using warned visitors to be ever-vigilant when walking on the rocks and cliffs of Acadia. A fall into the ocean can result in death or disabling injury. While talking to a ranger about how slick some of the rocks were, he explained that helicopter rescues at Acadia are not uncommon! We both kept our guard up at all times, and watched every step.

Another look at the raw beauty of Schooner Head.

After a great afternoon at Schooner Head, we headed back to our motel. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, only a few miles from the park. The staff was extraordinary and the facilities were excellent. After each early morning shoot, we returned for a hot (and free) breakfast of omelettes with spinach and feta cheese, maple sausage, oatmeal, roasted potatoes, and warm scones, fresh from the oven. Although we stay at Hampton Inns frequently when we travel, this one was all that and a box of chocolates!

A view of our motel, the new Hampton at Bar Harbor (surprisingly affordable), from the loop road at Acadia National Park. We were about three miles from the park.

A final view of Schooner Head before we headed back to the motel for the evening.

Our visit to Schooner head, which we had all to ourselves, was during the only full day of bad weather we saw at the park. The rest of the time, it was light jacket weather with beautiful skies filled with puffy clouds — a photographer’s dream. Are you starting to get the idea how wonderful this park is? More to come in the next edition.

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4 comments on “Acadia National Park (Schooner Head)”

  1. Enjoying my e-visit. I tend to spend my time at Portland each time I visit Maine…nice to see some more of this small but very beautiful state.

  2. Danny:

    Your Email could not have come at a more opportune time. My family and I leave for Acadia this Saturday. Thank you for the heads up on what to do on a stormy day.

    Bill Houck

    Sent from my iPhone

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