A Housekeeping Issue

By: Danny Brown

Dec 28 2016

Category: All Months Combined



December 28, 2016

Hello Nature Frames followers. It’s about time to replace my desktop and I’m considering an iMac this time. I remember a while back, when I posted a few editions of Nature Frames on my Macbook, some of you had trouble viewing the image. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing this image of a Red-tailed hawk, or if you have any trouble reading the text. It is coming from my Macbook. I don’t want to switch to an iMac until I’ve ironed out these technical issues.

Thank you in advance for letting me know.

Note:  No need to contact me if you received the pic and print fine.


Email me at:  Natureframes@Rocketmail.Com




5 comments on “A Housekeeping Issue”

  1. Coming through brilliantly, Danny! The happiest of New Years to you and Joyce. Best Chris

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Danny, I could see both print and pic, but they were way over on the right side of the page, sort of looked like there was something more, but not sure.

  3. I can see a great image!- Deepa.

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