Landscape Arch (Arches National Park)

November 6, 2016

Ablaze at sunrise, Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch in North America.

About the length of a football field, and as slender as an arch can be, structurally speaking, Landscape Arch looks like it might collapse at any time. As a matter of fact, a 73-foot slab separated and fell from the arch in 1991, to the amazement of visitors who were present at the site during the “shedding” of that chunk. In following years, two more slabs fell from Landscape Arch, prompting the National Park Service to close the trail that used to go under the arch. Experts say Landscape Arch is nearing the end of its lifecycle as the erosional processes that formed the arch from a great sandstone fin millions of years ago will be its ultimate demise.

Our hike to Landscape Arch began right at our campground in Devils Garden. Joyce and I departed about an hour before sunrise and took the short hike (less than a mile) to the famous arch with the aid of flashlights and headlamps. As I walked through the maze of spires and monuments on the way to the arch, I felt like I was walking across the board of the childhood game, Candy Land. We arrived at the arch at dawn and I was pleased to see some beautiful clouds hovering over the slender monument.

As we made it to the foot of the Landscape Arch, we met Zack, a young man from New York, who had slept in his car the night before in anticipation of a visit to the arch at sunrise. We quickly bonded with our new friend, exchanging ideas about photo angles, and discussing his travels across the country to visit beautiful sites. Later in the morning, I photographed Zack standing on huge rock in front of the arch, his arms spread open and his “I Love New York” t-shirt bathed in the morning light. Later at home, I sent Zack the pic via email and he was happy to have a memento of the great morning.

In the featured image of Landscape Arch, I tried to present a look at the arch as part of the surrounding rock features, versus the typical shot of the arch opening against the sky. The scene reminded me of the lair of some alien creature in a science fiction movie. It was such a fine morning, cloudy and cool, and the sun looked so beautiful on the arch, it was hard for us to finally pull away and head back for a camp breakfast.



Landscape Arch as part of the high desert scenery at Arches National Park.

When we finally headed back down the trail, away from the arch, I turned and saw this iconic scene of the high desert. It was one of my favorite images from the trip! You almost have to take a little time to find Landscape Arch in this image but it is there, as part of the “landscape” from which its name came.

On the way back to camp, we retraced our steps through “Candy Land” and checked out two more arches, Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch. Later at breakfast we discussed how our adventure was coming to an end and we would be heading back to Missouri soon. Home is indeed where the heart is but it is often oh, so hard for me to pull myself away from these magnificent parks.

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