Time for Teal Again

September 7, 2016

Some say the straggling duck at the rear of the flock is older, wiser, and aware that the hunting action is likely to start at the front. Who knows what this one was thinking as it lost its place in an otherwise tight formation of green-winged teal? Yes, it’s almost time for teal season again. Teal season is a harbinger of autumn for me — the promise of wonderful, crisp days to come. I haven’t hunted teal for many years, except with my camera, but the excitement of opening day remains. Teal are not only fast and furious; they are acrobatic and a bit sneaky. Combined with their small size, as compared to other waterfowl, they are a challenge to hunt with gun or camera.



A closer look at a green-winged teal on a foggy morning at Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area in St. Charles County. This drake was built like a football!



Blue-winged teal are also fair game. Here is a close-up of a couple of spring birds, a drake and hen.

Happy hunting, my friends……and don’t forget to lead those birds and follow through. It’ll make your retrievers proud.


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4 comments on “Time for Teal Again”

  1. It’s just my preference, and probably humans form part of the food chain with their guns…but I can’t help feeling that capturing the beauty of a teal on an image is much nicer than killing it. Thank you for the lovely photographs.I saw my first teal with you!

    • You are welcome. Many Missourian’s simply prefer to hunt and kill their own food as compared to getting it from the grocery store.

  2. Rich & I enjoy all of your pictures and especially info on all of the places you go. We recently went to petit jean and camped and loved it, last week spent a couple of days at maramec springs. Next week we will camp for 8-10 days along lake superior.
    We camp in an Airstream , don’t rough it like you do.
    I was able to obtain the book on places in Missouri, we love it, thanks for the idea.

    Bonnie Riegel, Washington Garden Club member

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