Robber Fly with Prey

August 1, 2016

A robber fly, with its victim, alights on a slender leaf along the wetland trail at Shaw Nature Reserve. Every year, mid- to late-summer, I watch for these predatory insects, with their stabbing proboscides, bristly mustaches, formidable talons, and huge, compound eyes. Robber flies feed almost exclusively on other insects, including stinging insects which otherwise hold their own impressive reputations. In other words, as my friend, Mike Arduser says, “Robber flies are the bad-asses of the insect world!”

The featured image was captured during a trial of a compact camera (Canon Rebel T-5) and one of the kit lenses that came with it (Canon 75 – 300 mm). I purchased the kit exclusively for motorcycle camping trips, where every single cubic inch of space is at a premium. The kit came with its own bag, which fits perfectly in one of my aluminum panniers with room to spare. If you are a pixel peeper, no worries because I’ll continue to shoot 99% of my images with Canon professional bodies and lenses.

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2 comments on “Robber Fly with Prey”

  1. Great photo, with nice detail and colours.

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