Buttonbush and Sulphur (Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge)

July 27, 2016

I rarely photograph from my car window but when I do, it’s because I drove almost two hours to a wildlife refuge only to discover that I forgot my tripod. Adding insult to injury, I also forgot my binoculars so I couldn’t just drive around scouting for future opportunities.

After sulking for a few minutes, I used a turkey hunting cushion as a makeshift bean bag and slowly drove the perimeter road looking for out-the-window opportunities. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not strictly against shooting from a car window; its just not my thing. I always feel a little lazy when I’m not out there in the brush and swamps getting sweaty and dirty as I search for worthwhile images.

Pickings were slim this morning, mostly red-winged blackbirds along the roads, so I felt fortunate to grab this sweet summer image of a butterfly on a buttonbush as I departed the area. I’m not sure about the species of butterfly—perhaps an alfalfa butterfly or cloudless sulphur. As if it weren’t difficult enough, the two species hybridize, from what I’ve read. I’m looking forward to hearing from the experts. Enjoy!

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One comment on “Buttonbush and Sulphur (Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge)”

  1. Very nice, and rather different, image this time! Deepa.

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