Gold on Gold

July 23, 2016

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again, the time when stunning goldfinches move in to pluck nuggets of nourishment, one at a time, from the sunflowers of summer. The timing works well for me because I’m usually busy around the farm in mid-July, spraying Sericea and giving some of the fields their once-a-year haircut. The extra work precludes me from spending too much time on the road but I’ve always got a few hours to check out the sunflowers around the yard.

This year, Joyce and I planted “giant sunflowers” around the edges of our garden prairie to attract finches and other birds. They look a little silly out there with the native prairie forbs, such as Culver’s root and blazing star, but the photographic payoff in the end will be worth it. The hungry birdies won’t be able to resist our natural bird feeders, which cost a lot less than 50-pound bags of sunflower seed.

The featured image was taken exactly a year ago tomorrow. I came across it while searching for “goldfinch on sunflower” images for a magazine request. I sent one with a cuter “finch pose” and they asked me if I could provide one with a finch with a seed in its bill. I perused the files again and found this beauty.

Whether you are planting sunflowers in acre-plus fields to attract doves, or just planting them in your yard to attract songbirds, they are a gift that keeps on giving. If you haven’t planted any sunflowers, I hope this edition inspires you to try a few next year. You won’t be disappointed.

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11 comments on “Gold on Gold”

  1. Beautiful and sunny–perfect for a summer’s day. Thanks, Danny!

    Chris Stuckenschneider Book Editor, Book Buzz Coordinator The Missourian 14 W. Main St. Washington, MO 63090 Cell, 314-808-1807

  2. This photograph gets the yellow (metal) medal! Thank you!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, Danny, and your writing is, too. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Dad, Another stunning photo – Goldfinch on Sunflower! Magnificent! Love you. Fred Jr.

  5. Lovely shot! And the sunflowers can reseed themselves as the birds miss a few, you won’t have to plant again, and everyone will be happy!

  6. Perfect pose between flower and bird –Gold meeting Gold!

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