It’s Butterfly Season!

July 13, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s butterfly season again. I caught this giant swallowtail this afternoon on our garden prairie here at the farm. Giant swallowtails are a pain in the butt because they rarely land on a flower for more than a few seconds, and they constantly flutter their wings. Also, they avoid the tallest flowers—you know, the ones that produce the nicest images!

A good image of a giant swallowtail usually requires significant depth of field (high aperture setting) and a fast shutter speed, two things that don’t go hand in hand on a camera. My favorite time to shoot swallowtails and other butterflies is mid-afternoon, especially on partly cloudy days. Butterflies are busiest in the afternoon, and the intermittent clouds help to soften the bright light if you time your shots accordingly. I use a 300 mm lens when shooting butterflies, and contrary to the rest of my photography, I leave the tripod at home.



I don’t typically try to capture butterflies in flight, but every once in a while I get lucky. I liked this image because it shows the open-winged color pattern of the giant swallowtail.

If you don’t mind Missouri’s good ole heat and humidity, I recommend you get out and take a hike. I bet you’ll be impressed with the variety of butterflies, skippers, and clear-winged moths you’ll see among the garden and prairie flowers. Great thanks to the butterflies for giving us another reason to get outside. Oh, and leave the Pokemon at home!

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10 comments on “It’s Butterfly Season!”

  1. Lovely images of a beautiful butterfly! And I didn’t have to go out in the heat and humidity (two things I detest) to see them…thank you!

  2. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm, Awsome!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. This species can be difficult but you’ve shown it’s possible to get great images! Well done.

  5. You have some awesome photos. Got your name through Brenda Hente’s FB page. Your name was there too! So glad I came to see your talent!

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