Baby Bandit

June 28, 2016

A baby raccoon finds a comfy spot to wait for mama to return at Shaw Nature Reserve. Raccoons can be one of the most frustrating animals to homeowners with all of their destructive antics, but their young always appear so, so innocent. As you can see, this little fella has a few ticks on its ears but by late-fall, they will have likely disappeared and the masked critter will be none the worse for wear.


Thanks to Aileen Abbott for spotting this sweet little bandit. Aileen has moved into the number one position as my premier wildlife spotter over the last few years. Although I stumble across critters on my own now and then, many of my best images result from assistance by other wildlife lovers. Enjoy!

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5 comments on “Baby Bandit”

  1. Great photo, but those ticks look painful!

  2. Such huge ticks! Do they spread disease, as ticks on dogs do here? I’ve had tick bites become abcesses.Thank you for the lovely image!

  3. They are all God’s creatures. This little one is so cute. Question: can they get Lyme disease from those ticks?

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