Critters Love Lackadaisical Gardeners

May 22, 2016

Don’t fret if you get behind in your yard work. If you get a little lazy and your lawn starts to look more like a field, a field sparrow might reap the benefits of your neglect.



Those pesky dandelions are dandy to goldfinches once they go to seed. Soon the yellow spots in your yard will be feathered beauties of black and yellow—pure gold!



Is that clover growing in the corner of your garden? A quail might come over to pick in that clover.



Is that a weed patch by the shed, or a veggie smorgasbord for a nursing cottontail.



I really need to spray that fescue around the barn…..or do I?



Time to sharpen the chainsaw. Those cedar trees are getting thick in the south field…..thick with bluebird food!



Barnyard grass is a pain in the, uh, butt……except to indigo buntings. They find it a wonderful feeling in the tummy.

This message was brought to you by the Missouri Critter Alliance, an organization that exists only in my imagination.

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3 comments on “Critters Love Lackadaisical Gardeners”

  1. Ditto!

  2. Exquisite Danny! Thank you Leslie Limberg Messy Gardener Natural Naturalist Habitat Gardener

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