Mayapple (Beautiful…..and Resilient)

April 28, 2016

A few days ago, I was finishing up a bird photography walk at Shaw Nature Reserve (Franklin County) when I ran across a colony of mayapples blooming on the prairie. I was taken with the position of one of the plants, almost at eye level as I stood downhill from the site, its beautiful flower fully exposed beneath its leafy shelter. Unfortunately, the late-morning light was too harsh for a nice image, so I made a note to return to the site in the near future.

The next day, SNR was in the path of a nasty storm, which included heavy rain, high winds, and hail! As I sat in a restaurant with a friend, waiting the storm out, I wondered if the little mayapple had been torn to shreds.

This morning, I headed back to the site and made my way to the mayapple colony about 15 minutes before sunrise. As I positioned my camera, I was pleasantly surprised to see the mayapple flower none the worse for wear, except for a tiny tear on one of its petals. Happy for my luck, I sipped some coffee and waited for old Sol to make his appearance. A few minutes later, the mayapple was bathed in the nourishing glow of morning light and I began clicking away. This was my favorite shot, taken with my rarely-used Canon 70-200 f/2.8 lens.

Mayapples are a perennial favorite among Missourians, me included. I was happy to learn this morning that they are not only beautiful, but resilient as well.

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2 comments on “Mayapple (Beautiful…..and Resilient)”

  1. Fantastic synergy of water, light…and photographer! What an uncommonimage of a flower that’s quite common right now! Deepa.

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