Gray Tree Frogs: The Trek to Our Chimney

March 25, 2016

A gray tree frog on a mossy outcropping on the way to the pond. I made this image this afternoon from the prone position in the muckiest of swales. Joyce was gracious enough to serve as “frog handler” as I experimented with different angles. When I returned to the house, I was covered with mud from head to toe. I have to question whether the shot was worth it.

Spring is always a problem for us where tree frogs are concerned. They somehow manage to get down our chimney and into our fireplace every year. Eventually, the cats find the soot covered visitors and chase them around the house. We’ve even had sooty frog prints on our ceilings! This little fella was our first sighting of the season. I suspect it will follow the frogsteps of its predecessors and eventually make its way to the irresistible vantage point of our chimney, otherwise known as frogvana. It’s definitely the highest location in the area so I can see the attraction during the calling/mating season.

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3 comments on “Gray Tree Frogs: The Trek to Our Chimney”

  1. Yes, the mud was worth it (for me, sitting warm and dry and looking at the crisp, clear image!)…and much better than trying to photograph the frog in your chimney. Well, next time I visit, if i see frog-leg prints on the ceiling, I’ll know the story….

  2. I think getting muddy was worth it, of course, I didn’t have to clean up your mess………..anyway, the pic is great and I think you have a great wife.

  3. Wow you don’t even have to go outside to “enjoy” the wildlife! It is a great shot but it’s easy for me to say it was worth it.

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