Spring is Here — Yay!

March 20, 2016

Spring is finally here and it’s my favorite time of year to photograph Missouri wildlife. The joys of spring include the migration of colorful songbirds and waterfowl, as well as the opportunity to photograph young as they see the world for the first time.

The featured image was captured on the riverfront trail in Washington, Missouri. Many of you have heard my story about photographing these pileated woodpecker nestlings during a Missouri River flood. I was standing in waist deep water when I made this image, and I almost lost all of my equipment when an Asian carp first struck my leg and then my tripod. By the way, when I returned the next day, the nestlings had fledged. I was lucky enough to photograph them on the last day in their nest.



A baby killdeer, only a few hours old, investigates the jungle that is really just a field of short grass in a Warren County subdivision. Killdeer are on their own within the first day of hatching in late-spring. They learn fast or succumb to the plethora of predators that await them.



Watch for baby squirrels as they emerge from their winter nests in early-April. They always seem so fascinated by the world beyond the hollow in which they were nurtured.



A white-eyed vireo keeps watch from its tiny nest along Blue Spring Creek in Crawford County. White-eyed vireos nest a few feet from the ground so their family is subject to a greater variety of predators than many other birds.

Now you know why spring is my favorite time of year. The possibilities are endless as I awaken each morning and head out to a new location in search of Missouri’s natural beauty and wonders.

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6 comments on “Spring is Here — Yay!”

  1. Regarding your shot of the pileated nestlings, I would hardly call it “luck.” Standing waist deep in water, after probably having gotten up at some ungodly early hour of the morning, I’d say you absolutely earn every shot you get! As always, great work and thanks for sharing.

  2. That baby killdeer is adorable! Cute shots!

  3. Oooooh quotient for this post is very high! Thank you for some bring-a-smile-to-the-heart images.

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