The Art and Music of the Northern Bobwhite

March 8, 2016

A northern bobwhite sits a perch high in a maple tree where its beckoning whistle can be heard from afar. The bobwhite’s colors are a lesson in tones, buff to rufous, gray to black. Its chest and underparts are elegantly patterned with repeating crescents; its head brilliant white, framed with jet black streaks.

Oh what a bird, our native quail. As if its beauty weren’t enough, the bobwhite’s call is a simple whistle, pure and clean, recognizable to all. As spring approaches, your chances of seeing a bobwhite are higher than ever. Listen for them on your hikes, and try to call one in with your own whistle. You might be surprised at the results.

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5 comments on “The Art and Music of the Northern Bobwhite”

  1. This was one of the first birds that I saw in Forest Park (in the Kennedy Forest area.) Thank you for the crisp image, as always.

  2. Beautiful shot Danny. Thank’s for sharing.


  3. They remind me of our quail!

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