News of My Kindness Spreading in the Possum World!

February 18, 2016

Due to a lingering illness I haven’t been able to get out and shoot for almost a week. I felt much better this morning so I made a very early start at Shaw Nature Reserve, the kind that requires a flashlight for my trek through the woods to one of my hides. It felt great to be back in the turkey chair, and I settled in with the hope of capturing a bobcat or fox in my frame. Well, it was a long wait, from 6:15 until almost 9:00 before I saw any movement in the woods.

I swung my gimbal to the left just in time to see a half-grown possum making its way into the clearing in front of my lens. For a moment the little guy lingered in the scrub, sniffing the ground with its rear-end toward me. Finally, it began to walk away, leaving me without one decent image. All of the sudden it wheeled around and started right toward me (see featured image) at almost a trot. I began clicking the shutter as it closed the gap and as you can see from the next image it was almost in my lap in short order.


I watched for another minute or so as the young possum sniffed around at my feet. Eventually, it faded into the woods, allowing me to relax and reflect. Why did that little possum run straight toward me? The answer came to me right away! News has been travelling around the possum world that I’ve been throwing food out for a couple of injured possums around the farm. I suppose when this one got a whiff of me, it knew it was in the right place and came in for some grub.

Truth be told, I had just finished a granola bar a few minutes before the possum appeared. I’m surprised the hungry critter didn’t jump right in my lap. A skunk actually did climb up onto my feet one time as it closed in on the aroma of some other snack in my shoulder bag.

After 10 years of photographing wildlife, I’ve learned that you just never know what you’ll see if you sit in the woods, wetlands, or prairies long enough. It seems lately that I’ve seen more than my fair share of possums. That’s just fine with me because one critter is just as interesting as the next.

Thanks for looking,


Note to Photographers:  I didn’t even try to bring out the detail in the possum’s papery, black ears as I was shooting almost directly into the sun. At least I caught some nice rim lighting through its silvery fur.

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3 comments on “News of My Kindness Spreading in the Possum World!”

  1. That’s a great experience to have a creature come toward you.

  2. Possum whisperer and provider indeed! And I feel so happy with your last sentence, because we have so many people who seem only focused on one particular creature (like in India we have photographer fixated on the tiger).

    • I agree with you. I try not to focus on one species. It is hard sometimes but diversity makes photography more interesting.

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