Tripod the Possum

February 9, 2016

If you follow Nature Frames, you know I recently wrote about a half-grown possum with one eye that has been hanging around the farm. That possum seems to be doing fine, but now one of its siblings, at least another possum of the same size, has shown up. The first time we saw it, about a month ago, it was nursing an injury to its left rear foot and was having a heck of a time getting around. Because of its inability to cover much ground, it appeared a bit undernourished so we began throwing table scraps out at the edge of the prairie every night. It wasn’t long before “Tripod” began feeding from the pile every day at about the same time we have supper, just before dark.

Over the weeks, little Tripod has been getting stronger from all of the meals of potatoes, pineapple chunks, leftover stew, and a lot of old bread. I used to be able to walk right up to him because he just didn’t have it in him to run away, but now he can move pretty fast back to his hide beneath an old, ground-level deck which used to serve as the floor of a dog kennel. I don’t think the little fella will ever walk or run as well as the other possums but I’m glad to see he’s got a fighting chance now.

This week’s image is a typical capture of Tripod around dinner time every night. I think he can smell Joyce’s cooking from a mile away. By the way, if he misses a dinner at our house, no worries because Joyce’s mom down the hill has been feeding him as well. That possum is luckiest three-legged possum that ever lived!

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4 comments on “Tripod the Possum”

  1. We are taught, here, never to feed wild animals, especially with processed food…but when faced with a critter like this, how can we not? I’m glad you are pampering Tripod!

    And, by the way, the first sentence, “a half-grown possum with one eye that has been hanging around the farm”….had me laughing. I hope that eye has now gone back to its owner 😀

  2. Cute Little Possum, as for as Possum’s go. I loved the story though. You are a really a GREAT Person, for taking such care, for that little guy. I loved it. Keep up the great work.


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