Song Sparrow (August A. Busch Conservation Area)

February 4, 2016

A song sparrow alights on an icy perch near a lake at August A. Busch Conservation Area. Shortly after I had settled in my turkey chair to wait for waterfowl, I scanned the area around me and found only one decent looking perch for a possible songbird image. I trained my lens on the chunk of ice-covered wood and waited with little conviction. I became more optimistic as song sparrows, Savannah sparrows, and American tree sparrows began to feed near my hide. Finally, this beautiful song sparrow plopped down on the perch and gave me this shot. A shutter click and a smile followed.

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6 comments on “Song Sparrow (August A. Busch Conservation Area)”

  1. Your posts are always a joy!

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  2. Beautiful image!

  3. What a beautiful image of browns and whites. Deepa.

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