Happy Groundhog Day (2016)

February 2, 2016

Missouri groundhogs didn’t see their shadow this morning so spring will be here soon. The transition shouldn’t be too dramatic from the lackluster winter we’ve had so far.

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Woodchuck (groundhog) photographed at Rockwoods Reservation in St. Louis County.

6 comments on “Happy Groundhog Day (2016)”

  1. Is it true that in some places it’s quite a commercial event? If so, how do they get the groundhog above ground at the right time?

  2. I love Groundhog Day as it reminds me of when I taught early childhood. We did soooooo much that was involved with Groundhog Day.
    Predictions, graphing our predictions, shadow play, shadow art, and the whispers of Spring in the air. Thank You for the memories!

  3. Incredibly lovely shot of the furry fella, and he looks ready to tell you a story!

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