‘Possum Crossing

January 7, 2016

A young-of-year opossum stops to check me out as it crosses one of our fields. Earlier today, Joyce had observed the “opossum crossing” as she was coming up the driveway so she gave me a call. I was able to grab my camera and a 300/4 lens that I had just received from the Canon repair center. It would be a good test of their work.

I situated myself on the far side of the field, in line with the little critter’s trajectory, and soon enough it was within camera range. I made the featured image from a semi-prone position as the pint-sized ‘possum stopped to decide whether I was a threat or not. If you look closely, you can see that the opossum’s right eye is injured and likely sightless.

The image below is a close-up that features some of the opossum’s teeth, papery black ears, and other attributes. Joyce especially liked its little pink nose!


After capturing these images I returned to the house for a small can of cat food. I gave it to the cute little fella just for putting up with me for a few minutes. I returned 10 minutes later to check on the situation and the opossum was right where I’d left it but the cat food was gone. Joyce decided it might want a leftover waffle from breakfast. I told her there was no way the tiny opossum could eat a waffle after all that cat food. Nevertheless, she dropped a whole waffle in front of the critter’s aforementioned pink nose and we left it alone.

A final check later on revealed the hungry marsupial downing the last bite of the plate-sized waffle. After that, we both headed for the house, satisfied in knowing that the teen-aged opossum wouldn’t go hungry for at least a day or two.

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8 comments on “‘Possum Crossing”

  1. What good-hearted folks! Always enjoy your posts, Danny. Happy New Year to you and Joyce!

    Chris Stuckenschneider Book Editor, Book Buzz Coordinator The Missourian 14 W. Main St. Washington, MO 63090 Cell, 314-808-1807

  2. What a cutie! I like his pink nose too!

  3. Danny: I rarely reply to you, but love your regular Emails/pictures.

    I a quick opossum story. My son lives in the city (St Louis) near Tower Grove park. He found a LIVE opossum in a garbage can in his garage this summer. They are MEAN!!! Fortunately, he was able to get him out of the garage without anyone being harmed. Bill Houck Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 03:04:10 +0000 To: wehouck@hotmail.com

  4. The times I’ve seen a possum, I was rather repelled by its rodent-like face…but this one with a woffly nose (and a waffly mouth, after the photo!) looks much more appealing! Thanks. Deepa.

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