Happy New Year (2016)

By: Danny Brown

Jan 01 2016

Category: All Months Combined


New Year’s Day, 2016

Wishing you a wild and wonderful new year!


Story behind this image:  I photographed this dark-eyed junco in fresh snow here at the farm. I overexposed the snow, resulting in a “heavenly effect” that I liked. I also decided that the single sprig of grass through the snow was interesting instead of distracting. After capturing the scene, I wondered how the sky could have been so blue. I returned to the site and saw that I had captured part of a blue plastic barrel that was situated about 50 feet behind the bird. It definitely resulted in a cool effect!

4 comments on “Happy New Year (2016)”

  1. Thank you, Danny, for the many moments of joy you’ve brought into our lives. Wish you and Joyce the best in 2016, and beyond.

  2. It is so beautiful and cheerful to start off the new year. Thank you for sharing it.

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