Swans by a Bridge

November 28, 2015

It has been raining steady for a few days so I decided to go through some old files to keep from going stir crazy. As I was thinning out my trumpeter swan portfolio I found this image of a group of swans near a bridge at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Back in the early-winter of 2010 when I made this image, I remember thinking how the bridge ruined the shot — a distracting, man-made element. As I look at it now, five years later, I’m much more flexible in my photography, if not more mature, and I feel that the bridge actually improves the composition. I’m glad I didn’t sack the image the day I first reviewed it because I’m known to be a relentless striker of the delete key!

Some of you have seen other images from that glorious morning at Riverlands when the rising sun bathed Heron Pond and its swans with the reflection of the surrounding chestnut-colored prairie. The images, mostly taken from my kayak, in cooperation with the Corps of Engineers, resulted in my first “Missouri Conservationist” cover and many other publications. One of my favorite “action images” from the project is featured as a huge print at the entrance-way of the Audubon Center at Riverlands. That image, as well as others, was donated to the center for educational use. It fills my heart with joy to hear from visitors to the center who were inspired by photographs from that magic morning at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

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9 comments on “Swans by a Bridge”

  1. Magic IS the word for this image, too. Thank you for going out in all weathers and giving us so much of viewing pleasure! Deepa.

  2. Is the darker Swan an exception? I have never seen one that color.

  3. I remember that photo. I like the bridge too.

  4. Wonderful image. It’s funny how we see different beauty over time.

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